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Huggy Bear

Antonio Fargas

Every Starsky and Hutch fan knows "Huggy Bear" he's the guy who owns the bar called the (Pitt's). And is always willing to help Starsky and Hutch, by giving them important information.

Antonio Fargas had a very patchy career before he landed the part of Huggy Bear that made him famous alongside David and Paul.

It started when he appeared in a film called "Across 110th Street", directed by Barry Shear, who directed the pilot episode of Starsky and Hutch. He liked what he saw, and decided to give Antonio a small part in the pilot as Huggy Bear.

He became a regular in the show because "Joseph Naar", the producer, liked the chemistry that Antonio struck up with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser,

"As Antonio was under contract to do another pilot called "Chopper" for Paramount, he nearly didn't do the Starsky & Hutch pilot, but he did both at the same time. As he had signed with Paramount first if "Chopper had been a success he would have been taken off Starsky and Hutch.

Antonio was born on August 14th 1947 in New York. His acting career began when he saw an ad in a New York newspaper in 1961 called "Amsterdam News" asking for young boys to play in a film called "The Cool World."

And began with the American Community Theatre in Harlem, which was part of a federal programme to try and get the kids off the streets and away from violence. Antonio got his first part in an off - Broadway play which was actually called "Toilet." After he left school, he was due to tour Europe in a play called "The Amen Corner."

When he got back from Europe things became a little slow, for Antonio, and just like David and Paul. He started doing part-time work as an usher at CBS, a mail boy, waiter, anything just to keep him going, but he still got odd parts, including a couple of TV shows.

Robert Hooks taught Antonio a lot and was in a company, called The Group Theatre Workshop, and turned it into the Negro Ensemble Company. When Antonio "Finally got to go to Los Angeles, he'd stared in a play called "A Dream of Monkey Mountain," and also did a Bill Cosby TV show, then eventually found himself back in New York waiting it out.

He went to Munich in Germany in 1971; Antonio had to shave his head for one part that he did in Europe. When he came back he landed a part in "Cleopatra Jones" and at that time he also did "Across 110th Street", which led to the meeting with Barry Shear.

He has a very good working relationship with David And Paul but, we spend twelve hours a day together when we are shooting, so we don't do a lot of socialising.

He appreciates what David and Paul have done for him because they have worked so hard to make Starsky and Hutch a tremendous success.

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