David & Paul



Starsky and Torino

David & Paul, have a tight filming schedule through out the year, and welcome the thought of holiday time.

They are so involved in everything, but only have a small say in the scripts, and how it is presented. For some time now Paul has wanted to be a director.

David's debut at directing was on the episode "Survival." At the beginning of January came Paul's debut at directing in the episode "Bloodbath". A lot of people think it's one of the best episodes and Paul had done a great job!

Paul has a master's degree in acting and isn't a newcomer to directing, because he has always been interested in the directing side. And the Starsky & Hutch crew commented on Paul's professionalism.

David and Paul

Sometimes Paul has a bit of a temper, but on the whole, the crew commented on Paul's professionalism during the shooting. He spent a lot of time with other actor's discussing parts and helping them with their lines, on "Bloodbath" Paul did a great job.

When David took the director's chair for the episode "Survival," because, it was his first time David was very nervous, and the rain didn't help either. When Paul was directing the weather was fine, but the skies cleared and David began shooting.

To keep David off the screen for as long as possible Hutch's car goes over a cliff while he is shooting the episode. Paul and David are delighted that they've both been given the chance to direct, and widen their experience.

"The fact is that the show is just as popular today, as it was back then."

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