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David Soul

David Solberg plays Ken Hutchinson in the fast moving cop series Starsky and Hutch. Born in Chicago Illinois on August 28th 1943. The eldest of five children (two sisters and two brothers) spent his early years travelling throughout the world.

His father, Dr. Richard W. Solberg, Ph.D. A Lutheran minister, professor of history and political science, author, and former religious Affairs Advisor for the U.S. State Department, took his family from Chicago, Ill., to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Minneapolis, and Mexico City, and finally to Germany. David received his early education at various on base schools at American complexes in Berlin, Bad Nauheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.

David's father moved between East Berlin and West Berlin bringing families together and to help locate jobs for displaced persons. David's home became a crossroads before the Russians erected The Wall in 1961.

David returned to the U.S., he attend Washington High School in Sioux Fall, then moved to Augustana College (where his father had previously taught) to the University of the Americas in Mexico City and the University of Minnesota.

He took honours in high school and excelled at political science and languages in college, (he is still fluent in both German and Spanish). David was never particularly happy in school and did various jobs when he left college. He drove a truck, worked in a bank, and sold encyclopedias door - door, worked in the tie department of a local department store, and finally as a ranch hand. When fate, in the form of his boss' interest in bringing Summer Theatre to the badlands of North Dakota, spotted David who had been strumming his guitar landed David a part in the first musical review at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. "David's whole summer was spent acting, dancing, singing, building dressing rooms and killing rattlesnakes

David and Renee

In the Autumn David returned to Minneapolis and began to work with his music. He was soon touring mid-Western college towns performing contemporary and folk material. From 1968 onwards, lay years of excitement, and struggle. Then a shot on the Merv Griffin Show brought him recognition and the attention of a Screen Gems talent executive, Renee Valente, (pictured here with David) and a starring role in the ABC Television series, " Here comes The Brides". He has starred in "The Streets of San Francisco," Cannon, Medical Centre and many other shows. At 6"1"he's a couple of inches taller than Paul they are both the same weight, David is an accomplished athlete and a very professional skier.

David is a nice person, who has a calming effect if anything goes wrong on the set. Paul is a bit impulsive at times, and says "its great to have a guy like David around when everyone is getting hot under the collar". He has a calming effect and treats everyone connected with the show with the same respect and he hasn't shown any signs of getting "big - headed."

David's vices are, smoking and drinking but keeps himself very fit, he has to be to play the part of Hutch. In the Pilot you'll remember the time when the two of them were chasing a couple of hit men at the top of a hotel. Starsky went in through the front and up the stairs, Hutch ran up the fire escape at the back of the building. After the shootout they made a very quick exit and, when Hutch came to the bottom of the fire escape the only thing to use as a landing pad was the roof of his battered old vehicle.

This particular bit of film is shown every week as part of the introduction to each new episode. It shows the sheer speed and hard, hitting action that David and Paul put into every single episode.

David's music is very important to him and, of course, it's giving him a double role because he's not only a very accomplished actor, he's also an extremely good singer and musician. He plays guitar and piano and has also done some songwriting.

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