How David Recorded


First Album

David recording

David was delighted when he heard he'd been offered a recording contract maybe a bit apprehensive, but thrilled all the same.

"He'd made it as an actor now it was time to prove he could be just as successful with his singing career." As it is a big step, but as we all know his album was a total success.

David became a TV personality and people became aware of his musical ability. Larry Utal the boss of Private Stock Records, asked record producer, Eliott Mazer to listen David at the Starsky & Hutch film set. , David was playing guitar and humming a tune. Eliot was very impressed with David, has he walked into the dressing room and Eliott asked him if he could produce David's first album.

David and Lynne

In 1976 the first couple of months were spent on sorting out which tracks to record and picking the right session musicians. David has a lot of friends in the music business and, asked some of them to work on his album. He brought in some of the musicians who had worked with him on TV shows like, Taj Mahal, (jazzman) Merle Saunders, and a harmonica player named Norton Buffalo, and also on the album a special friend of David's Lynne Marta (pictured with David). The album was to be recorded in Eliott Mazer's own studio, instead of using his old guitar; David used a more expensive one that Paul had loaned him. It was David's first time in a 16 track recording studio and a bit on the nervous side, but he soon got into the swing of things and gained confidence like the true professional he is.

The recording was done in consecutive sessions, because of David's filming. Getting the recording sorted out and informing the musicians was a complicated task, and the album took five months to complete.

David and Lynne in concert

It didn't take David and Lynne Marta (Pictured with David in Concert) long to figure out the harmonies to use on numbers like Black Bean Soup. Her voice his deep and country sounding, blends really well with David's more expressive softer voice.

One special number was called "Kristofer David" that was written by David for his two children, when recording was finished David promoted the album by doing a tour of TV and radio stations.

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