Don't Give Up On Us

Was chosen and recorded

 David sat down

It's a daunting task for any singer to be sure that he or she is making the right choice of song for his or her all - important first single. And "Don't Give Up On Us" was perfect for David.

"Don't Give Up On Us" was written by Tony Macaulay, but he hadn't particularly written it for David and, was concerned in case David didn't like the song.

Larry Uttal, was the boss of David's record label, "Private Stock", asked Tony if he had any songs for David to record. David's first album hadn't yet been released, so Tony had no idea what David was capable of, or what kind of voice range he had.

David's first album was being released the following Friday so Larry sent Tony a copy of it. "Tony was astounded by it, and thought he could do a lot more than the album gave him credit for."

Tony wanted to try and write a song for David, and after just one listen to the record he was convinced. The only trouble was Tony had to leave for LA instantly, which meant he hadn't time to write anything new - all he had were two parts of a song. He didn't have a full song on tape that David could listen.

"Tony played as much as he had done, on the piano at Larry's office". The melodies were finished, but not the lyrics. Larry was enthusiastic and liked what he heard, He asked Tony to catch a plane to LA the following Thursday, to meet David. Saturday and Sunday was spent recording and the tape was rushed back to England, and the record was released the following Friday.

Lots of records wait up to three months before reaching the record shops, the record was released in less than a week after it was recorded, an incredible achievement. It made David's one of the fastest releases ever!

David singing

The two songs were "Don't Give Up On Us", and the follow -up single, "Going In With My Eyes Open", two days isn't long to record a two A - sided and a two B - sided record.

Tony had put both songs down on cassette for David to listen. He landed in Hollywood, and met David that evening over dinner.

"David had only one day in which to learn the song's and spent the whole of Friday playing the cassette in his car. Whilst driving between locations of Starsky and Hutch.

David &Tony, met at A & M, recording studios, which are at the old Charlie Chaplin film lot in Hollywood. The backing music was recorded first, so David could sing over it later.

"David was brilliant on the guitar, and could read sheet music straight off, without any trouble at all, and he's a pretty good piano player also." When Tony first wrote those songs he hadn't anyone special in mind but he soon realised that both songs suited David fantastically well when he heard him sing in the studio.

David began recording the voice tracks on Saturday evening and he came up with some really good ideas that gave the songs that extra special touch. Which was proof of David's great musical ability.

"The recording session started at 8am on Saturday and finished at 4am on Sunday," David & Tony spent twenty solid hours in the recording studio".

As we all know "Don't Give Up On Us" was a huge hit for David and Tony, and he has been back to the States, working with David on his second album. David knows how to get every inch of emotion from a song, because he spends all day acting on the film set of Starsky & Hutch.

David's first album

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