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Paul Michael Glaser

Dave Starsky is played by Paul Michael Glaser but he was born Paul "Manfred" Glaser on 25th March 1943 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the East Coast of America. Located there are several, top universities including, Harvard the most famous in the USA.

He changed his name when he joined the American Actors Union, Equity, and found out they already had a Paul Glaser on their list. Dave Starsky, had a tough upbringing in the back streets of a big city, Paul had a very happy childhood apart from the usual ups and downs that every teenager goes through. Paul took his studies very seriously, but still found time to get rid of a lot of his natural exuberance at a variety of sports activities.

His family encouraged him to work and play hard and Paul did just that. They didn't stand in his way, when they realised he wanted to become an actor and they did everything to help and encourage him.

Paul's father - was a very successful designer of buildings in Massachusetts - and Paul admired him so much that he decided against taking up acting as a full time career and instead when to Tulane University in New Orleans to major in architecture.

After some time spent studying basic building construction and different methods of bricklaying, Paul decided to become an actor and changed over to major in English and the Theatre.

Paul and Torino

Paul graduated with a Masters Degree, he decided he would also study directing so that he would have a double chance of succeeding in his chosen profession then he would be qualified to take over behind the camera has well as, in front of it. When Paul was asked to direct an episode of Starsky and Hutch, Hutch did complain the guy with the "curly, dark hair" was giving him a bit of trouble.

Paul was thoroughly hooked on the acting bug and he spent his vacations appearing in every role he could get from bit parts, to taking the lead in summer stock shows (the American version of our repertory theatres.) It didn't pay much but he played all kinds of roles playing from serious drama, Shakespeare, and comedy, and the Starsky and Hutch series does contain all of these elements.

When he had finished University, Paul headed for New York City. He started the job of attending countless auditions and chasing agents until he managed finally to get his first break in the theatre.

Television parts soon followed, and appeared in daytime soap operas like Love of Life and Love is a Many Splendored Thing, and also co - starred in "Fiddler on the Roof" (with the Actor Topol). Another of his films was "Butterflies Are Free".

He was successful on the stage and has made appearances in series like Kojak, The Rockford Files and The Waltons. But anything he had done before has been over shadowed by his portrayal of that fascinating undercover cop, Dave Starsky.

Paul's sense of humour, and his feeling for other people, his desire for action and adventure, have all helped Dave Starsky to become a real live person to every viewer who watch him in the Starsky & Hutch series. Both Starsky and Paul like many of the same things. He is always diving into Italian restaurants and snack bars and lining up great king sized, plates of goodies and juicy hamburgers. Usually leaving them untouched when Hutch drags him away to start another hectic chase in that famous red Torino (the striped tomato). At 5' 11" he's slightly shorter than David Soul is, but they both weigh exactly the same.

Paul wasn't an automatic choice for the part. He had to audition along with a whole lot of other up and coming young actors. "You can never tell what a series is going to turn out like and, as far as he was concerned, he knew this was an important part and sounded like a great new series. Anything can happen in show business and if Paul wasn't successful then he'd just have to move on to the next audition.

"Immediately he knew something good had happened when he finished auditioning with David Soul" and felt great when they told him he'd got the part, Paul had no idea just how successful Starsky and Hutch was going to become. And certainly never thought that he'd ever be getting thousands of fan letters. When he is not busy filming, Paul loves to play tennis, followed by a swim in a friends pool.

His fantastic success in the role of Dave Starsky as had very little effect upon his private life. When he was making guest appearances in many other shows his favourite method of travelling between his home and the studio was on an old motorbike and nothing has changed now that he's a household name.

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